Fogger CFC and CFW Series

X-POWER freezing sprayer
Slim, light weight, simple function, cold mist sprayed on various environmental sites.
Ultra-low volume and high-pressure spraying can achieve a better spray effect and a larger coverage area.
Suitable for: various household or commercial purposes, such as dining establishments, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, fitness rooms, theaters, various large and small places, indoor and outdoor environments, etc…
The powerful motor makes the spray distance farther, and the adjustable nozzle allows you to control the flow and spray size at any time
Mode allows you to easily cope with small or large spaces
The water tank has a transparent design, and the liquid consumption and level can be monitored at any time.
Different solutions can be used such as disinfectant, insecticide, deodorant, mildewcide, mosquito/bird repellent, cleaning liquid, etc.
Lightweight, compact and easy to use.

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